Curtains and Drapes Cleaning

It is recommended to vacuum your drapes at least once per month to keep them clean. But vacuuming can only take you so far! Drapery, especially thick materials, are very adept at absorbing all of the dirt, pollen, smoke, chemicals, dander and pollutants which float through the air every day. Your curtains and drapes start to look dull and dirty. There is no need to expose yourself through bare windows when cleaning drapes. Have them cleaned on the spot by our professional cleaners.

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Why Invest in Drape Cleaning?
Does it seem like your furniture is constantly covered in a layer of dust, regardless of how often you clean? Maybe your allergies have also gotten worse lately and you are having trouble breathing. A simple way to solve this is to invest in professional cleaning services. Just like your carpets and upholstery, drapes also act as sponges for dust and the many other pollutants which get into your air.

Some of the signs that you need drape cleaning services are:
• Drapes look dull and faded
• You see dust floating around in the air
• Dust comes out when you open/close your drapes
• Your drapes are stained

Steam Cleaning – The Best Method for Cleaning Drapes and Curtains
There are actually very few drapery materials which need to be dry cleaned. The difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning is that, with dry cleaning, chemical solvents are used to loosen dirt out of fabrics. The chemicals are toxic, bad for the environment, and the process is a hassle since you will have to remove your drapes and take them to a dry cleaning facility.

This isn’t to say that you should toss your drapes into the washing machine! The tossing and tumbling of the washing machine can damage drapery. With our steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods of cleaning drapes and curtains, your drapery is treated gently. They are cleaned while in place, so there is no tossing around which would damage the fibers. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable of drapery fibers and know the exact temperature and setting to use for each type of material.

We Are Industry Leaders in Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services
The technicians at Steamway Castle Rock are true experts at what they do. We are IICRC certified and hold ourselves to a high code of ethics. You can expect nothing but 100% satisfaction when you choose us as your curtain and drape cleaning company.

Cost of Drape and Curtain Cleaning Services
At Steamway Castle Rock, we pride ourselves in offering affordable rates for all of our services. Drape cleaning can be performed as a separate service or you can schedule it along with your routine carpet and upholstery cleaning. Schedule all your cleaning services together to receive a discounted price! When you contact us, let us know the number and size of the drapes which need to be cleaned and we will give you an estimate on how much it will cost.

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