Pet Stain and Odor Removal

At Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock, we are prepared to handle the toughest stains that come our way. When your carpets, area rugs, or upholstery are tarnished with pet urine or other pet stains, give us a call and we will promptly dispatch a team of experts to get rid of the nasty stain and odor.

The Importance of Using Hot Water Extraction for Pet Stains
Without a steam vac, it is very difficult to get any stain completely out of your carpet; some residue inevitably remains. While a bit of residue might not matter so much for some substances, it can be disastrous to have any pet urine left in your carpet. For starters, the smell of the pet stain can cause your pet to urinate in the same spot again, resulting in a perpetually-worsening problem. Then there is the fact that the pet stain can cause irreversible damage to your carpet.

When pet stains hit the carpet, they are very hot and acidic. A chemical reaction immediately takes place. The hot urine can break down the layers holding the carpet together, causing them to weaken and come apart. Discoloration is also another irreversible problem that can occur from pet urine stains. The uric acids and bacteria destroy blue dyes. Many people incorrectly assume that pet stains are yellow from the urine. It is actually because the blue dye is gone, thus leaving behind a yellowish, orange, or red stain. In some cases, the color change happens immediately. In other cases, the reaction is slow and takes days or weeks. Then there is the issue of smell. If even trace amounts of the pet stain are left behind, some smell is inevitable. The sharp ammonia smell comes from the urine. The musty smell comes from bacteria which feeds off of the urine.

To make sure that no pet stain residue is left in your carpet, you will need to have the stain treated with the right enzyme cleaners and then extracted. Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock has the knowhow and tools to make this happen.

How We Get Rid of Pet Stains and Odors
Our team of Castle Rock carpet cleaners has extensive experience getting tough stains out of carpets, upholstery, and area rugs. For pet stains, the process is similar to our carpet cleaning method. We start by inspecting the area and determining which cleaning product will be best for the stain type. Pet stains must always be treated with enzyme cleaners in order to neutralize the acids in the stain. Only then will they emulsify in water so they can be extracted. Along with enzyme cleaners, we may also use combinations of pre-treatments and pre-conditioners. Our steam cleaner units are some of the most powerful in the business. They are completely adjustable, so we can change the water temperature and pressure according to your carpet, rug, or upholstery type.

Worried that your pet stains are too severe to treat? Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock can help. In severe cases, we will lift up your carpet to access the subfloor. The subfloor will be treated so it is sanitary and completely deodorized. The stained pieces of carpet padding will be completely removed and our team will replace it with a new piece. Then we dry your carpet before stretching it and replacing it. We never leave a mess behind and will even help you put furniture back on your carpet!

Simply the Best in Castle Rock
We here at Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock can say with confidence that we are the best carpet cleaners in Castle Rock. Our years of experience and arsenal of equipment mean that we can get out even stubborn stains. But what really makes us the best is our commitment to our customers. When you hire Carpet Cleaning Pro as your Castle Rock odor removal company, you get:

• Friendly technicians
• Prompt service at a time which suits you
• Child and pet-friendly cleaning products
• Fair rates
• 100% satisfaction guarantee

Call today and let Carpet Cleaning for your free estimate for pet stain removal services.

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