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At Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock, we understand what an important investment your rugs and upholstered furniture are. You want them to look appealing and also be functional and comfortable. All of this goes out the window if you let your rugs and upholstery get dirty. Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock can help you restore your rugs and upholstery so they continue to serve you for years to come.

What You Need to Know about Cleaning Rugs and Upholstery
The materials made out of textiles in your home – including carpets, rugs, and upholstery – are especially prone to getting dirty. This is because they are made up of thousands of individual fibers which are woven together to make a pile. Each pile of fibers acts like a sponge, trapping soil within. With furniture, there is also usually a layer of padding underneath the upholstery which will collect soil.

Area rugs and upholstery are usually very sensitive to wear. They don’t have backings like carpets do, so the fibers can come unwoven. For this reason, you should be wary about scrubbing rugs and upholstery. Scrubbing can also cause dyes to bleed or fade. You should never use harsh cleaners on rugs or upholstery as they can react with the dye and cause discoloration.

If you do decide to clean stains from your rugs or upholstery yourself, always make sure to test an area first to ensure the cleaner won’t affect the dyes. The best method is to lather detergents and then blot them out – not scrub. It is also very important that the rugs or upholstery are dried in a room with good air circulation. Do not use heat to dry the surface as it can cause damage to fibers or make them shrink.

We Make Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Easy
There are a lot of benefits to having your rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned. Aside from saving you a lot of time and hassle, professional cleaning will get your property cleaner than you could with DIY methods. With a reputable company, you also won’t risk ruining the integrity of your rugs and upholstery. Because we at Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock use deep-clean methods that can extract allergens, bacteria, and pet stains, professional cleaning will also improve the air quality inside your home and your health.

Rug Cleaning
Some types of rugs, such as nylon rugs with backing, can be cleaned at your home with the same powerful deep extraction machines we use for cleaning carpets. Sensitive area rugs, like Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and tribal rugs, are picked up by our rug experts for cleaning back at our facility. Very sensitive rugs or rugs which are damaged may need to be cleaned by hand. Most rugs, however, go through our multi-step rug cleaning process:

1. Inspection
2. Mechanical dusting: removes about 79% of dry matter from rug
3. Pretreatment and cleaning: both sides of the rug are treated and cleaned
4. Rinse
5. Cleaning in MOR machine: we put your rug through the machine at least two times to get maximum cleanliness
6. Fringe grooming
7. Drying in temperature and humidity-controlled room
8. Final inspection

Our MOR rug cleaning machine is one of the greatest rug care innovations of our time. It consists of multiple sprayers and a rolling pin system. These sprayers clean the rug with a controlled, consistent level of pressure. The detergents are evenly lathered and fully rinsed out. Few Colorado rug cleaning companies have access to this type of machine and instead have to use risky methods like spraying with hoses or chemical baths.

Upholstery Cleaning
Before cleaning your upholstery, the Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock team will first assess your furniture. They will look at what materials the upholstery is made from, the weave, whether there is a print, and dye types. The team will also look for any problem areas like stains. Then they will come up with a strategy for cleaning the upholstery.

In most situations, the upholstery cleaning process begins with vacuuming followed by pre-treatments and pre-conditioners. These products start breaking down the chemical bonds in the soil contaminants. The soil is then agitated, such as by lathering with shampoo or with pressurized sprays of water. Using our Ninja or Prochem extraction devices, we are able to remove soil from the upholstery and padding so your furniture is truly clean from within. We can also sanitize furniture and remove pet stains and odors.

Keep your home clean and healthy. Call Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock for a free estimate on rug and upholstery cleaning.

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