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Dirt and grime gradually build up on tile, so often times homeowners don’t even realize how dirty their tile is until it has reached a very unhygienic state. To tell whether your tile is due for professional cleaning, just look at the grout in a low-traffic area and compare it to a high-traffic area. Chances are you will see a big difference in color. If the room that the tile is in also smells bad, then this is a sign that bacteria is growing in the tile and grout. The good news is that Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock makes it easy to get your tile clean and sanitary again.

How the Pros Clean Tile and Grout
At Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock, we take tile and grout cleaning seriously. All of our trucks are equipped with commercial units that can deliver up to 3000 pounds per inch of pressure. At this power level, you can be sure your tile and grout is getting the deepest level of cleaning available.

Our tile and grout cleaning services begin with an inspection of the surface. Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock tile cleaners will then choose the appropriate pretreatments and pre-conditioners for the tile. The products seep into the pores of the tile and grout where they immediately begin to break down the bonds in the soil. “Soil” is a general term used to describe any type of unwanted material in your tile and grout, but you can be sure the cleaning products we use will break down materials ranging from mildew to oil.

Once the soil has been broken down, our technicians will use our high-pressure extraction unit to spray the tile and grout with hot water mixed with a cleaning solution. The pressure brings soil to the surface where the unit vacuums it up. By the time we are done, your tile will look shiny and your grout will be its original color.

Grout Sealant Services
After cleaning your tile and grout, you can elect to have our experts seal your grout. The sealant creates an impenetrable seal that prevents water and soil from getting into the pores of your grout. Grout sealing has many benefits, including:
• Makes maintenance easier
• Keeps your grout clean longer
• Reduces water damage

Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock will choose the best sealant for your type of grout and its location (kitchen, bathroom, entranceway, etc.). Once applied, it takes about 1-2 hours for the sealant to complete absorb and dry. You should leave the area undisturbed during this time. The sealant will eventually wear away, so you should have it reapplied on an about yearly basis – which is the frequency we recommend for professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Learn more about our tile and grout cleaning services. Call us to speak with a friendly Steamway Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock tile expert today!

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