Life can be messy, which is why you need a carpet cleaning business you can count on. Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock has 20 years of experience with residential and commercial carpet cleaning in the Denver, Colorado area. We take pride in offering the best customer service and using only non-toxic cleaning products. When you choose Carpet Cleaning Pro as your Castle Rock cleaning company, you can trust that we will take your home or business to the next level of cleanliness.

Our Services
At Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock, we can help with a variety of home and business cleaning needs. Along with Castle Rock carpet cleaning, we also offer:
• Area rug cleaning
• Tile and grout cleaning
• Upholstery cleaning
• Air duct cleaning
• Odor removal services
• Hardwood floor cleaning
• 24/7/365 emergency carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock is IICRC certified and we only hire technicians who are up to the highest standards. With all jobs, you can expect courteous, knowledgeable experts who will treat your property with respect while getting it thoroughly clean.

Castle Rock Carpet Cleaning
To get a carpet clean, it takes much more than just fancy equipment and powerful cleaning products. You also need to have knowledge of soil suspension. Soil refers to any contaminants which might be in a surface, such as dirt, dust, oil, or pet urine. Soil suspension is the process of destroying the bonds between soil and carpet fibers. The soil can then dissolve into water. If soil suspension is not achieved, then it will be impossible to remove the complete soil load in a carpet. The surface may appear clean but carpet fibers are still laden with contaminants.

A Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock, our technicians are all trained in the principles of soil suspension. They come to your home or business with a stockpile of non-toxic cleaners. Based on the type of stain and carpet material, they will choose the cleaning chemical which will most effectively break down the soil. We do not offer dry carpet cleaning because these methods are not effective in getting carpets totally clean. Instead, we use powerful hot water extractors. The heat and pressure of the water is very important for soil suspension: the heat activates the chemicals and the pressure agitates the soil so it comes out of the carpet pile. Our truck-mounted and portable units are incredibly powerful and can vacuum up the soil/water mixture. Your carpets are left incredibly clean and hygienic.

Not All Carpet Cleaning Companies are the Same!
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all carpet cleaning companies are the same. Even if we ignore the importance of having highly-trained technicians, the right cleaning chemicals, and powerful equipment, there is still much more to consider.

Do you want to hire a carpet cleaning company which will leave your home in worse condition than they found it? Do you want to deal with rude technicians or companies which laden you with unexpected costs? With Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock, you are getting the best that the industry has to offer on all levels. We promise our technicians will be polite, answer all your questions, and go the extra mile to help, like moving furniture for you. Our costs are fair, our appointment times are flexible, and we arrive on time. It is these reasons which make us a leading carpet cleaning company in Castle Rock.

We are here to help. Call Carpet Cleaning Pro Castle Rock today.

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