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You were told that marble floors will last your entire lifetime and more. So why do your floors look so dingy and scuffed? The floor isn’t destroyed – it just needs a professional cleaning to restore its natural beauty. Steamway Castle Rock are the area’s local experts in stone floor cleaning. We do the job right so your home can look its best!

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Dirty Marble Floors – It’s In the Crystals
If you were to put a piece of your marble floor under a microscope, you would see that it is comprised of millions of tiny crystals. These crystals are what give marble the properties which we love: its hardness, its color patterns, its glow. But crystals can easily get damaged and worn down. The spaces between the crystals also act like sponges to draw in dirt.

Dirt from foot traffic is your marble floor’s worst enemy. It isn’t the dirt or traffic itself which causes the damage. Marble floors are capable of withstanding a lot of stamping! But those little pieces of dirt and sand gradually eat away at the surface of the marble floors and chip at their crystals. The dirt then get embedded into the marble. You end up with a floor which is dull and dirty looking.

No amount of scrubbing is going to make your marble floor look clean once this happens! You’ve got to get dirt out of the spaces between those crystals and also sharpen the crystals to restore their surfaces.

Marble Floor Cleaning vs. Restoration
To get your marble floors looking beautiful, they need to be treated in two ways: cleaned and restored. Cleaning refers to getting the dirt out of the spaces between the marble crystals. Restoration refers to the process of polishing the surface of the marble floor to sharpen the crystals.

At Steamway Castle Rock, we have rotary extraction machines which clean and restore your marble floors. We start by cleaning any surface dirt from the marble floor. Then we go over every square inch of the marble floor with our extraction machines. The rotary force causes the dirt to get sucked up to the surface of the marble, where the machine can then whisk it away. The rotations of the machine also polish the damaged marble crystals so they once again reflect light and produce a beautiful glow.

We Are Industry Leaders in Marble Floor Cleaning Services
The technicians at Steamway Castle Rock are true experts at what they do. We are IICRC certified and hold ourselves to a high code of ethics. You can expect nothing but 100% satisfaction when you choose us as your marble floor cleaning company.

Cost of Marble Floor Cleaning Services
We clean marble floors as well as other types of stone flooring, such as limestone and granite. When you contact us, please let us know the type of stone floor you have and its square footage. Then we can give you an approximate estimate of how much the stone floor cleaning services will cost. Our prices are fair and we never have any hidden fees. Most importantly, we are committed to delivering 100% satisfaction. We aren’t satisfied until your marble floors look as beautiful as they can!

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