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Are you wondering why your home always look dingy and dirty, even though you take such good care in cleaning it? The problem may be your hardwood floors. No matter how much you mop, you won’t be able to get the dirt deep within the grains. A professional cleaning can revitalize your hardwood floors and make your home look beautiful again.

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The Problem is in the Grain
The reason that wood floors are so beautiful is because wood is made up of tiny pieces we call the grain. The grain of the wood is what gives it color patterns and makes it glow. Unfortunately, the grain is also what makes wood floors look old. The grains of wood have tiny gaps between them that act like a sponge, drawing in dirt. We always seal wood floors to keep dirt out of the grain, but sealant wears off and dirt gets sucked deep into the grain. Mopping won’t get dirt out of the grain of wood. It will just take dirt out of the surface. To remove dirt from the grain, you need to scrub with such a swift rotary force that it literally draws the dirt up to the surface. Unless you are prepared to spend hours scrubbing away at each spot on your wood floor, you will want to call in the professionals with rotary floor cleaning machines.

Not All Wood Floor Cleaning Services Are the Same
There is much more to wood floor cleaning that running a rotary machine over the floor. There are many different types of wood (oak, maple, pine…) as well as many different types of finishes and coatings. Each of these types requires a different approach to cleaning. The wrong approach could destroy the surface of the wood or even cause dirt to set in the grain.

At Steamway Castle Rock, we are serious about hardwood floor cleaning services. Our technicians are certified by the IICRC. They are trained to clean all types of hardwood floors, and come ready with the right pH balanced cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art dirt extraction machines. We pride ourselves on being thorough and spend several minutes on each square foot of your floor to make sure all dirt is removed so you get the best results. Your floor will glow when we are done with it! We finish the job by applying a satin or gloss finish to protect the floor.

We Are Industry Leaders in Wood Floor Cleaning Services
The technicians at Steamway Castle Rock are true experts at what they do. We are IICRC certified and hold ourselves to a high code of ethics. You can expect nothing but 100% satisfaction when you choose us as your floor cleaning company.

Cost of Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Castle Rock
The cost of hardwood floor cleaning will vary depending on the type of the floor, the size of the floor, and whether there are any special issues like tough stains. When you contact us, please let us know the square footage of your floor and we will give you a general estimate. Then, when our technicians arrive, we will give you a price quote in writing. Our rates are fair and we never have any hidden fees. Most importantly, we strive for 100% satisfaction and aren’t satisfied until you are.

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